Every day or two i will be posting a song onto here, these songs will be of mixed genres but mostly techno/dubstep/house ect.

i will be getting into remixing songs and when i get around too it, i will be posting some of my remixes.

If you want to make a request, post your suggestion into the comments, ill check it out and if i like it then it'll make it on the page.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toby Emerson'Never Comin' Down' (Soulfix Remix)

chill song, very nice bass.


  1. Very nice, I enjoyed it i originally played it on my speakers but i plugged in my icemats after 1 minute and the quality and sound improved and caught my liking

  2. Sounds good with my headset :D

  3. Really nice man, love the blog

  4. got some new headphones the other day. this song sounds sick trough them!

  5. It's a very good song.
    Keep up and hey +1 follow!

  6. This one is not for me I think I will pass on this. Thanks for sharing though.